Why Home Care

Home Care is delivered at home

People heal better in a comfortable, familiar environment. What is more familiar than one’s own home? Caring Nurses specializes in top-notch home care that allows patients to avoid the hospital setting as much as possible.

Home Care keeps families together

When “visiting hours” are unlimited, the emotional as well as physical health of the patient is enhanced. With support from Caring Nurses professionals, we make this possible.

Home Care helps the elderly maintain their independence

No one wants to be dependent on others, yet sometimes we need help. With professional assistance from Caring Nurses, seniors can continue to function as viable members of society with less burden on their families and friends.

Home Care prevents or postpones institutionalization

When the alternative is a nursing home, professional home health care is a significantly better choice. The skilled help from Caring Nurses allows seniors to safely stay in their own homes longer which not only improves life, but often extends it.

Home Care promotes healing

When seniors can be effectively treated at home, they simply get better faster. The option of professional home health care from Caring Nurses allows this to happen.

Home Care represents the best tradition in American health care

Reducing time in the hospital is a key objective for effective healing. Getting better in ones own home has proven to be the most effective way of keeping seniors healthy without being in a hospital setting.

Home Care is safer

Much attention is given to hospital-borne infections, yet they are a constant risk. On the other hand, healing at home has an almost zero risk of infections. The availability of professional in-home health care makes the alternative far safer than hospitalization.

Home Care allows a maximum amount of freedom for the individual

A hospital, of necessity, is a regulated, regimented environment. The same is true of a nursing home. By having qualified medical care available in the home, the patient enjoys significantly greater freedom and choices.

Home Care is personalized care

When dealing with institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes, the routines must fit less-flexible patterns. Home care is tailored to the needs of each individual. It is delivered one-on-one. Caring Nurses provides personalized care to every patient.

Home Care allows the family to participate

Families love to take care of their own. Few families include professionally trained medical professionals. Adding Caring Nurses to the mix allows the families to fully participate with the assurance that the patient is medically cared for, too.

Home Care reduces stress

Being unwell is stressful. Getting institutionalized medical care adds to that stress. Home health care, on the other hand, reduces stress for the patient and his or her family.

Home Care is the most effective form of health care

Whether health outcomes or simply patient satisfaction, home health care in the most effective way to help seniors get better.

Home Care is given by special people

By and large, home care nurses and aids look at what they do as a calling, not as a job. They are motivated by the physic income they receive helping people get better, rather than simply wages.

Home Care extends life

Studies by schools of Nursing and by government agencies have determined home care extends longevity. The visits by home care personnel like Caring Nurses help people not only medically but emotionally. Result: they live longer.

Home Care is the most efficient form of health care

Because home health care is highly personalized and delivered in the patient’s own home, it is easier to enlist the patient’s family as caregivers, it cuts down on expensive travel to hospitals and minimizes expensive hospital stays.

Home Care is less expensive than other forms of care

The evidence from studies around the world, demonstrate that home care is always less expensive than either hospitalization or comparable placement in a nursing home. Add that to patient satisfaction of healing in place and it is more than just economics.

Technology increasingly makes Home Care the preferred mode of health care delivery

Telemedicine, a spinoff of the space program, is making tremendous inroads. The Internet makes it increasingly possible to diagnose, monitor and treat illness at a distance – in patients’ homes. Supported by visiting professionals, almost continuous care can be provided at dramatic cost savings.

Home Care is the preferred form of health care for the infirm and disabled

Home care is preferred by a margin of 90% over comparable institutional care by individuals who are infirm. Individuals who are facing terminal illness are increasingly electing that form of home care called Hospice. Modern technology has developed to the point where virtually anything that is available in a hospital can be provided at home. It is little wonder that the public is finding the home health care alternative to be preferable.

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