Keeping those we love safe is among our highest priorities. And, since falling is the leading cause of injury among the 65+ age category, consider a few of the most common causes of falling and work toward eliminating them.

Household Obstacles.  Eliminating obstacles in the home can go a long way toward creating as safe environment.  This can be as simple as separating furniture to create a wider path to walk, eliminating cords that can cause tripping or replacing hard corners with softer edges.

Medicine Interaction.  It can be a challenge to keep the various medicines that seniors take organized.  Make it a project to makes sure that your loved one’s medicines are organized into separated clearly-market containers. This will prevent serious problems that can occur when they are not taken as prescribed.

Safety Equipment Failure.  It is important to make sure that canes and walkers function properly within the living space in which they are deployed.  If they are constantly getting caught on floors or carpets, put tennis balls on the bottom of adjust the carpets so they lie flatter. Shower chairs and railings are an investment that can help your loved ones stand and sit more easily.  Converting the shower to a walk-in format will help, too.

Unidentified Symptoms.  Be on the watch out for any unusual symptoms such as dizziness, for example.  Routine doctor check-ups are key towards keeping track of your loved one’s health.

Forgetting Vision Checks.  One thing that may not be noticeable to the elder person in your care or you is ineffectively corrected vision.  This, too, is a step toward prevention of falls.

Declining Mobility.  Encouraging your loved one to exercise regularly can really help improve their mobility and reduce the risk of falling.  They don’t have to do push-ups, but even light exercise like walking around the house occasionally can help stretch muscles that might fail with lack of use.

Thinking You Can Do It All.  At some point you may need help.  Employing a Home Care professional can augment your personal care for your loved one.  A professional Home Care agency has specially trained people to provide specialized care for the elderly.  This provides you peace of mind and your senior loved one a higher quality of life in the comfort of his or her own home.